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Authority and Powers

Bylaws and Policies

Executive Authority

Adjudication of Disputes

Evaluation of Commission as a Whole

Board Member Number and Term

Board Member Qualifications, Prohibited Acts and Code of Ethics

Board Member Election and Appointment

Board Member Orientation

Board Member Resignation and Removal

Board Member Authority

Board Member Compensation and Expenses

Board Member Indemnification

Membership in Associations

Organization Meeting

Board Officers

Annual Appointments

Annual Motions and Designations

Call, Adjournment and Cancellation

Notice of Board Meetings


Conduct of Board Meetings

Special Meetings of the Commission


Executive Sessions

Public Participation in Board Meetings

Recording Board Meetings

Board Member Use of Electronic Mail/Internet

Duties of President and Vice President

Duties of Public School Accountant

Duties of Board Attorney

Contracts with Independent Consultants

Collective Bargaining and Contract Approval/Ratification

Legislative Program

Bylaws  -  0000

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