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Policy  Regulation  Policy Title          

Line of Responsibility  


Organizational Chart    

Management Team        

Administrative Positions       

Staff Liaison Committees        

Board-Superintendent Relations        

Employment of Chief School Administrator           

Superintendent's Duties      

Evaluation of Superintendent            

Incapacity of Superintendent               

Employment of School Business Administrator/Assistant Board Secretary Regulations    

Duties of the School Business Administrator       

Board Secretary  

Evaluation of the School Business Administrator

Incapacity of School Business Administrator/Assistant Board Secretary 

Job Descriptions       

Rights of Persons with Handicaps or Disabilities/Policy on Non-Discrimination        

Comprehensive Equity Plan  

Equal Employment Opportunities           

Administrator's Code of Ethics        

Affirmative Action Program for Employment and Contract Practices/Employment Practices Plan 

The Road Forward Covid 19---Health and Safety (M) 

School Employee Vaccination Requirements

Administration  -  1000

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