Transportation Contractors Meeting

August 22, 2019

ERESC is your choice for safe, affordable & efficient student TRANSPORTATION!

The Department of Transportation sponsored a training for the supervisors, drivers and aides of the many vendors who contract to provide services to thousands of students across many school districts in New Jersey.   Over 250 participants attended the event.


The workshop kicked off with a complimentary breakfast and back-to-school social that was enjoyed by all. Ms. Ivelisse Veras, Director of Transportation, began by providing important information, policy and procedures related to transportation safety, duties and responsibilities.

Attorney Kathleen A. Nestor, Esquire discuss some important legal obligations that should help Contractor's on the business side of transporting students, like: co-mingling routes, latch-key laws & leaving a child unattended on a bus.

Great advice was giving by Amy Woods on How To Manage Students with Autism on the Bus.  Behavior towards

Dr. Josue Falaise, Director at Rutgers Institute for Improving Student Achievement.

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