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  Policy   Regulation     Policy Title                 

School Organization

Pupil Enrollments

School Year

School Day

Public Records

Personnel Records

Pupil Records

Emergency Evacuation




Preparedness for Toxic Hazard

Care of Injured and Ill Persons

Reporting Accidents

Control of Communicable Disease


Reporting Violence and Vandalism

Child Abuse and/or Neglect

Missing Children

Hate Crimes and Bias-Related Acts


Crisis Response

Response to Concerted Job Action

Food Services


Free and Reduced Rate Meals




Pupil Supervision After School Dismissal

Bus Driver Responsibility



Transportation by Private Vehicle

Transportation of Disabled Pupils

Property Insurance

Material Fees and Charges


Employee Indemnification

Pupil Accident Insurance

Religious Holidays

Opening Exercises


Data Processing Services

Phone Calls - Students

Operations  -  8000

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