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Essex Junior Academy

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Where we all move uphill together


Essex Junior Academy, established in 1986, is a countywide Special and Alternative Education Program designed to serve students seeking an alternative to the traditional educational method.


EJA helps students who may be in danger of not graduating with their class due to chronic discipline problems, adjudication, self-abusive or drug involved behaviors.


The Mission of Essex Junior Academy is to provide a safe & appropriate learning environment that encourages students to take risks.  They identify and improve upon their academic goals and develop strong character values.

Students at Essex Junior Academy take responsibility for their personal growth while developing the positive principles of: respect, individuality, tolerance, resourcefulness, self-reliance, personal responsibility and accountability in order to become productive members of an ever-changing society.

Essex Junior Academy has three primary and simple objectives:

1. MOTIVATE                2. EDUCATE                3. GRADUATE


90% of our students have increased their attendance rate by over 50% as compared to their previous school.

In a 10 month period, the average EJA students show at least 3 years academic growth in reading skills and at least 2 years academic growth in their math skills.

The attendance average for our student population is 91%.

EJA students enjoy mentorship that supports them on a path to success.

Essex Junior Academy

369 Passaic Avenue, Fairfield, New Jersey 07004

973-239-0125(P)          973-239-2097(F)

"A Commitment to Excellence in Education and Community Values"

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