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Essex Junior Academy

Where we all move uphill together

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Essex Junior Academy uses the most current and unique instructional strategies and educational best practices in the field of education. Students earn credits toward graduation by documenting skills demonstrated and proficiencies mastered. Staff uses a “Blended Instructional Model” that uses Project Based Learning, Differentiated Instruction, Portfolio Assessments and computer-based instruction to determine grades.


Essex Junior Academy offers students the opportunity to become responsible for their own education while addressing the behavioral, social and emotional needs of students by maintaining a low student to staff ratio. A flexible scheduling format is developed to maintain a structured learning environment that maximizes student growth and development.

Program Elements:

  • Extended School Year              

  • Swimming Program (MSU)         

  • Behavior Management Model 

  • Individual & Group Counseling

  • Sensory Modulation Room 

  • Flexible Scheduling               

  • Educational Trips 

  • Occupational Therapy      

  • Monthly Incentives          

  • Community Service

  • School Nurse

  • Speech Therapy                

  • Multi-Cultural Activities

  • Student Government                 

  • Transition Services      

  • Conflict Resolution/Restorative Practices   

  • MID(Multiple Intelligence & Discovery)-Day 

"It's not how you start here that matters;

it's how you finish."
EJA Motto

Leadership . . .

EJA offers Single School Culture with rigorous quality control measures and accountability systems in place to ensure all students become: Independent Thinkers, Problem Solvers, Responsible Citizens, Effective Communicators and Life-Long Learners.

Quality . . .

EJA offers a Rigorous Academic instruction built through blended instruction and specific learning outcomes, data-driven results and educational best practices that will complement the school district’s core curriculum.

Climate . . .

EJA offers a systematic school-wide behavior management system that promotes pro-social and on-task behavior while developing effective leadership skills and coping strategies. Student are awarded various incentives weekly and monthly based on their individual needs and goals.

Courses Offered: (All subjects are aligned with PARCC academic benchmarks)

Math          Social Studies          Science          Health/PhsEd

Art              Life Skills                  Reading         Language Arts                                    

"A Commitment to Excellence in Education and Community Values"

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