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Board Policies & Regulations

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PolicyRegulationPolicy Title
0120Authority and Powers
0131Bylaws, Policies, A Regulations
0132Executive Authority
0133Adjudication of Disputes
0134Board Self Evaluation
0141Board Member Number and Term
0142Board Member Qualifications, Prohibited Acts and Code of Ethics
0143Board Member Election and Appointment
0144Board Member Orientation And Training
0145Board Member Resignation and Removal
0146 Board Member Authority
0148 Board Member Indemnification
0151 Organization Meeting
0152 Board Officers
0153 Annual Appointments
0154 Annual Motions and Designations
0161 Call, Adjournment and Cancellation
0162 Notice of Board Meetings
0163 Quorum
0164 Conduct of Board Meetings
0164.6 Remote Public Board Meetings During A Declared Emergency
0165 Voting
0166 Executive Sessions
PolicyRegulationPolicy Title
1100 Line of Responsibility
1101 Purpose/Function
1110 Organizational Chart
1120 Management Team
1120.1 Administrative Positions
1130 Staff Liaison Committees
1210 Board-Superintendent Relations
1220 Employment of Chief School Administrator
1230 Superintendent’s Duties
1240 R1240 Evaluation of Superintendent
1260 Incapacity of Superintendent
1310 Employment of School Business Administrator/Assistant Board Secretary Regulations
1320 Duties of the School Business Administrator
1320.1 Board Secretary
1330 R1330 Evaluation of the School Business Administrator
1350 Incapacity of School Business Administrator/Assistant Board Secretary
1400 R1400 Job Descriptions
1510 R1510 Rights of Persons with Handicaps or Disabilities/Policy on Non-Discrimination
1523 Comprehensive Equity Plan
1530 R1530 Equal Employment Opportunities
1540 Administrator’s Code of Ethics
1550 R1550 Affirmative Action Program for Employment and Contract Practices/Employment Practices Plan
1648.11 The Road Forward Covid 19—Health and Safety (M)
1648.13 School Employee Vaccination Requirements
PolicyRegulationPolicy Title
2110 Mission Statement
2200 R2200 Curriculum Content
2210 Curriculum Development
2220 Adoption of Course
2230 R2230 Course Guides
2240 Controversial Issues
2260 R2260 Affirmative Action Program for School and Classroom Practices
2270 Religion in the Schools
2320 Direct Learing
2330 R2330 Homework
2340 R2340 Field Trips
2360 Use of Technology
2361 R2361 Acceptable Use of Computer Network/Computers and Resources
2411 R2411 Guidance Counseling
2412Home Instruction
2414 R2414Programs for Pupils At Risk
2415 R2415 No Child Left Behind Programs
2415.01 Academic Standards, Academic Assessments and Accountability
2415.02 Title I – Fiscal Responsibilities
2415.03 Highly Qualified Teachers
2415.04 Title I – Parental Involvement
2415.05 Pupil Surveys, Analysis and/or Evaluations
2415.06 Unsafe School Choice Option
2416 Programs for Pregnant Pupils
2421 Vocational Education
2422 Health Education
2423 R2423 Bilingual and ESL Education
2425 Physical Education
2426 Migrant Education Program
2432 R2432 School Sponsored Publications
2466 Public Labeling of Educationally Handicapped Pupils
2467 Surrogate Parents and Foster Parents
2480 R2480 Alternative Schools/Programs
2481 Home or Out-of-School Instruction for General Education Pupils
2510 R2510 Adoption of Textbooks
2520 Instructional Supplies
2530 R2530 Resource Materials
2531 R2531 Use of Copyrighted Materials
2560 R2560 Live Animals in School
2610 Educational Program Evaluation
2622 Pupil Assessment
2624 R2624 Grading System
2700 Services to Nonpublic School Pupils
PolicyRegulationPolicy Title
3111 Creating Positions
3112 Abolishing Positions
3124 Employment Contract
3125 Employment of Teaching Staff Members
3125.2 Employment Of Substitute Teachers
3126 District Mentoring Program
3130 Assignment and Transfer
3134 Assignment of Additional Duties
3141 Resignation
3142 Nonrenewal of a Nontenured Teaching Staff Member
3143 Dismissal
3144 Certification of Tenure Charges
3144.3 Suspension Upon Certification Of Tenure Charge
3144.12 Certification Of Tenure Charges – Inefficiency
3146 Conduct of Reduction in Force
3150 Discipline
3151 Assessment Of Pay
3152 Withholding an Increment
3159 Teaching Staff Member-School District Reporting Responsiblities
3160 Physical Examination (M)
3161 Examination for Cause
3211 Code of Ethics
3211.3 Consulting Outside The District
3212 Attendance (M)
3214 Conflict of Interest
3216 Dress And Grooming
3217 Use of Corporal Punishment
3218 Use, Possession, Or Distribution Of Substances (M)
3221 Evaluation Of Teachers (M)
3222 Evaluation of Tenured Teaching Staff Members
3223 Evaluation Of Administrators, Excluding Principals, Vice Principals
Evaluation Of Nontenured Administrators
3224 Evaluation Of Principals, Vice Principals, And Assistant Principals M
3230 Outside Activities
3231 Outside Employment As Athletic Coach
3232 Tutoring Services
3233 Political Activities
3240 Professional Development For Teachers And School Leaders M
3245 Research Projects by Staff Members
3250 Hours and Days of Work
3270 Professional Responsibilities
3280 Liability For Student Welfare
3282 Use Of Social Networking Sites
3283 Electronic Communications Between Teaching Staff Members And Students (M)
3310 Academic Freedom
3321 Acceptable Use of Computer Network(s)/Computers and Resources by Teaching Staff Members
3322 Staff Member’s Use of Cellular Telephones
3324 Right Of Privacy
3351 Healthy Workplace Environment
3362 Sexual Harassment
3370 Teaching Staff Member Tenure
3371 Short Tenure Period
3372 Teaching Staff Member Tenure Acquisition
3373 Tenure Upon Transfer Or Promotion
3374 Tenure Upon Transfer To An Underperforming School
3381 Protection Against Retaliation
3410 Compensation
3411 Placement On Guide Step
3420 Benefits
3421.13 Postnatal Accommodations
3425 Work Related Disability Pay
3425.1 Modified Duty Early Return to Work Program – Teaching Staff Members
3431 Uncompensated Leave
3433 Vacations
3435 Anticipated Disability
3436 Personal Leave
3437Military Leave
3439 Jury Duty
PolicyRegulationPolicy Title
4111 Creating Positions
4123Probationary Period
4124Employment Contract
4125Employment of Support Staff Members
4130 Assignment and Transfer
4140 Termination
4145 Layoffs
4146 Nonrenewal of Nontenured Support Staff Member
4150 Discipline
4151 Assessment Of Pay
4152 Withholding An Increment
4159 Support Staff Member-School District Reporting Responsibilities
4160 Physical Examination
4161 Examination for Cause
4211.3Consulting Outside The District
4212 Attendance-M
4214 Conflict Of Interest
4215 Code of Ethics
4216 Conduct and Dress
4217Use of Corporal Punishment
4218 Use Possession or Distribution of Substances M
4220 Employee Evaluation
4230 Outside Activities
4233 Political Activities
4240 Employee Training
4250Hours And Days Of Work
4281 Inappropriate Staff Conduct
4282 Use of Social Networking Sites
4321 Acceptable Use Of Computer Network (S) Computers And Resources By Support Staff-Members
4283 Electronic Communications Between Support Staff Members And Students-M
4322 Staff Members Use Of Personal Cellular Telephones Other Communication Devices
4324 Right Of Privacy
4351 Healthy Workplace Environment
4352 Sexual Harassment
4360 Support Staff Member Tenure
4381 Protection Against Retaliation
4410 Compensation
4411 Placement on Guide Step
4413 Overtime Compensation
4415 Substitute Wages
4421.13 Postnatal Accommodations
4420 Benefits
4425 Work Related Disability Pay
4425.1 Modified Duty Early Return to Work Program – Support Staff Members
4431 Uncompensated Leave
4432 Sick Leave Support Staff
4433 Vacations
4434 Holidays
4435 Anticipated Disability
4436 Personal Leave
4437 Military Leave
4438 Jury Duty
PolicyRegulationPolicy Title
5111 Admission
R5112 Acceptance Procedure
5200 Attendance
5230 R5230 Late Arrival and Early Dismissal
5240 R5240 Tardiness
5250 Excusal from Class or Program
5310 R5310 Health Services
5320 R5320 Immunization
5330 R5330 Administration of Medication
5331 Anaphylaxis to Food and Other Substances
5350 R5350 Pupil Suicide Prevention
5410 Promotion and Retention
5420 R5420 Reporting Pupil Progress
5440 Honoring Pupil Achievement
5460 High School Graduation
R5460.1 High School Transcripts
5466 Graduation and Year Book Fees
5500 R5500 Expectations for Pupil Conduct
5511 R5511 Dress and Grooming
5512 R5512 Hazing
5512.01 Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying
5513 R5513 Care of School Property
5514 R5514 Pupil Use of Vehicles
5516 Remotely Activating Communication Devices – Pagers & Cellular Telephones
5520 Disorder and Demonstration
5530 R5530 Substance Abuse
5533 Smoking
5600 R5600 Pupil Discipline
5610 R5610 Suspension
5611 R5611 Removal of Pupils From The General Education Program for Weapons/Firearms Offenses
5612 Assault by Pupils on Board Members or Employees
5620 R5620 Expulsion
5700 Pupil Rights
5701 Plagiarism
5710 Pupil Grievance
5721 R5721 Independent Publications
5750 R5750 Equal Educational Opportunity
5751 R5751 Sexual Harassment
5752 Marital Status and Pregnancy
5755 Equity in Educational Programs and Services
5770 Pupil Right of Privacy
5830 R5830 Pupil Fund Raising
5841 Secret Societies
5842 Equal Access of Pupil Organizations
5880 Public Performances by Pupils
PolicyRegulationPolicy Title
6141 Revenues
6150 Tuition Income
6160 R6160 Grants from Private Sources
6162 Corporate Sponsorships
6210 R6210 Fiscal Planning
6220 R6220 Budget Preparation
6320 R6320 Purchases Subject to Bid
6340 R6340 Multiple Year Contracts
6350 R6350 Competitive Contracting
6421 R6421 Purchases Budgeted
6422 R6422 Purchases Not Budgeted and Emergency Purchases
6440 Cooperative Purchasing
R6350 Choice of Vendor
6470 R6470 Payment of Claims
6510 Payroll Authorization
6520 Payroll Deductions
6620 R6620 Petty Cash
6660Student Activity Fund
6700 Investments
6810 R6810 Financial Objectives
6820 Financial Reports
6821 Commission Business Records
6830 Audit and Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
PolicyRegulationPolicy Title
7101 Educational Adequacy of Capital Projects
7102 Site Selection and Acquisition
7230 Gift, Grants and Donations
7300 Disposition of Property
R7300.1 Disposition Of Instructional Property
R7300.2 Disposition Of Real Property
R7300.3 Disposition Of Personal Property
R7300.4 Disposition Of Federal Property
R7410 Maintenance And Repair
7420 R7420 Hygienic Management
R7420.1 Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan
7422 R7422 School Integrated Pest Management Plan
7430 R7430 School Safety
7432 R7432 Eye Protection
7433 Hazardous Substances
7434 Smoking on School Premises
7435 Alcoholic Beverages on School Premises
7436 Drug Free Workplace
7437 Work Performance in Connection with a Federal Grant
7440 R7440 Security of School Premises
7442 Money in School Buildings
7450 Property Inventory
7480 Motor Vehicles on School Property
7490 Animals on School Property
7610 R7610 Vandalism
PolicyRegulationPolicy Title
8130 School Organization
8140 R8140 Pupil Enrollments
8210 School Year
8220 R8220 School Day
8310 R8310 Public Records
8320 R8320 Personnel Records
8330 R8330 Pupil Records
8420 R8420 Emergency Evacuation
R8420.1 Fire And Fire Drills
R8420.2 Bomb Threats
R8420.3 Natural Disasters and Man-Made Catastrophes
8431 R8431 Preparedness for Toxic Hazard
8441 R8441 Care of Injured and Ill Persons
8442 Reporting Accidents
8451 R8451 Control of Communicable Disease
8461 Reporting Violence and Vandalism
8462 R8462 Child Abuse and/or Neglect
8464 R8464 Missing Children
8465 R8465 Hate Crimes and Bias-Related Acts
8467 R8467 Weapons
8468 R8468 Crisis Response
8470 Response to Concerted Job Action
8500 Food Services
8505 Local Wellness Policy/Nutrient Standards For Meals And Other Foods
R8530 Free and Reduced Rate Meals
8540 Transportation
8600 R8600 Student Transportation
R8600.1 Mobile Classroom Units
R8600.2 Pupil Supervision After School Dismissal
8601 Bus Driver Responsibility
8630 R8630 Mobile Classroom Units
R8630.1 Responsibilities Of Bus Drivers
R8630.2 Transportation by Private Vehicle
8660 Transportation of Disabled Pupils
8670 Property Insurance
8710 Material Fees and Charges
8711 Bonding
8740 Employee Indemnification
8750 Pupil Accident Insurance
8760 Religious Holidays
8810 Opening Exercises
8820 Memorials
8860 Data Processing Services
8900 Phone Calls – Students
8901 Phone Calls – Students
PolicyRegulationPolicy Title
9100 Public Relations
9110 Quality Assurance Annual Report
9120 R9120 Public Information Program
9130 R9130 Public Complaints and Grievances
9140 R9140 Citizens Advisory Committees
9150 R9150 School Visitors
9161 Crowd Control
9180 R9180 School Volunteers
9190 Community Organizations
9200 Cooperation Between Parents and School
9210 School-Connected Oganizations
9230 R9230 Parental Responsibilities
9240 Rights of Parents
9260 Parental Liability for Vandalism
9280 R9280 Parent Conferences
9320 R9320 Cooperation with Law Enforcement Agencies
9323 Notification of Juvenile Offender Case Disposition
9330 Relations Between Other Entities and the Commission
9400 News Media Relations
9541 Student Teachers/Interns
9500.1 Relations Between Area, County, State, Regional and National Associations and the Commission
9500.2 Cooperative Arrangements with Other School Districts
9550 Educational Research Projects
9560 Administration of School Surveys
9700 Special Interest Groups
9700.1 Contests for Pupils
9720 Solicitations by Vendors
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