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ERESC has worked with numerous school districts throughout Northern New Jersey to provide Chapter 192 services to students in Nonpublic schools for over 35 years. The goal of the program is to close the achievement gap in Reading, Writing and Math. ERESC promptly responds and provides appropriate solutions to parental concerns through the administrative team within all Nonpublic and Charter schools.

 The services covered in Chapter 192 include:

Compensatory Education

English as a Second Language


Compensatory Education:

ERESC provides Compensatory Education (Comp. Ed.) services to non-public schools. 


When a student falls below average certain indicators are considered. These indicators include:

  • State approved standardized test

  • Teacher anecdotal notes

  • Formative and summative assessments and observations


When the Supervisor reviews the above-mentioned indicators, an evaluation is made to whether the student is a candidate for the service. Upon the determination:

  • A list of candidates is compiled and given to certified teachers, who creates a schedule, and then delivers the service in a forty-five (45) minute period weekly;

  • Direct instruction is delivered in a small group in either a “pull-out” or “push-in” capacity;

  • Progress reports are completed and sent home a minimum of three (3) times a year;

  • All certified teachers are required to have binders which include lesson plans (based on NJ Learning Standards), attendance sheets, communication logs, and samples of student work with teacher feedback.


English as a Second Language:


ERESC provides English as a Second Language (ESL) services to non-public schools and public charter schools.


When a child falls below a certain level of proficiency based on the following indicators, they are considered candidates for ESL service:

  • Performance on an ESL proficiency test (MAC or WIDA Screener);

  • Academic achievement in another subjects such as Language Arts;

  • Teacher recommendation.

Nonpublic school students who qualify for ESL services are provided instruction with a certified ESL teacher in one forty-five (45) minute period per week.


Public charter school students who qualify for ESL services are provided with ESL instruction in one (1) period per day as per the state requirements.

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