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ERESC Cooperative FAQ

How do I use this Co-op?

If your organization is a member then simply visit our web site at to learn more about the program and current purchasing items. If you are not a member then you must pass a resolution to join the Co-op and execute the “AGREEMENT FOR A COOPERATIVE PRICING SYSTEM” and send original certified copies to Ms. Carrie Grapstein, Chief Operations Officer.  Once your information is received your organization will be registered with the Division of Local Government Services and you can use the bids available through our Co-operative.

Who is eligible to join the Co-op?

N.J.S.A. 40A11-11(5) authorizes contracting units to enter into a Cooperative Pricing Agreement to participate in a Cooperative Pricing System. 18A:18A-11 permits School Districts to enter into joint agreements with Counties and Municipalities. Therefore all Public School Districts, Counties, Municipalities, State Universities, Colleges and County Colleges are eligible to join.

Why is it legal to purchase off a Co-op contract?

It is legal to purchase off a Co-op contract because this system is registered with the Division of Local Government Services and bids are developed in accordance with New Jersey Public Contracts Law and only offered to registered members.

How will my organization benefit from using Co-op contracts?

The primary benefit to using a Co-op contract is the aggressive bid pricing that is received by vendors who want access to an established pool of potential clients.

Other benefits include the savings realized from not having to develop bid specifications and pay for advertising.   Our cooperative is run by a Qualified Purchasing Agent (Q.P.A.) with expertise in public purchasing.  Members get the benefits of having a Q.P.A. through our cooperative and built in operating efficiencies.



Mike Steinmetz
School Business Administrator

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