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Essex Campus High School uses the most current and unique instructional strategies and educational best practices in the field of education. Students earn credits toward graduation by documenting skills demonstrated and proficiencies mastered. Staff uses a "Blended Instructional Model" that uses project-based learning, differentiated instruction, portfolio assessments and computer-based instruction to determine grades. Essex Campus High School offers students the opportunity to become responsible for their own education while addressing the behavioral, social and emotional needs of students by maintaining a low student to staff ratio. A flexible scheduling format is developed to maintain a structured learning environment that maximizes student growth and development.

Academic Program

Typically, each student will carry a full academic program each school year.  Content areas will include:

5 credits




Life Skills


Physical Education



5 to 10 credits

5 credits

5 credits

5 credits

5 to 10 credits

5 credits

5 credits

5 credits

Students can earn additional credits in any of the areas, as indicated in the I.E.P. and/or I.P.P.  Additional credits allow students the opportunity to make up course-work from previous years or to advance more rapidly.  The school will modify the above listed academic program to accommodate Service Learning & Internships. If students are excessively absent, they will not be able to earn credit for classes.

Credit Recovery Program

The Accelerated Learning Program is a unique program offered by Essex Campus Academy to help students earn additional credits towards graduation.  It is a comprehensive approach that helps students develop critical thinking, research and reporting skills via research and written assignments on specific topics in a particular subject area.  The program seeks to offer students an opportunity to earn extra credits by conducting research and writing a series of reports. 


Students who participate in the program can earn as many as 10 credits, 5 in English and 5 in a designated subject area.  Participants are to submit 5 written reports on topics selected by the Principal (or designee).  Each report will be discussed and reviewed by the Principal and a teacher.  The report will be graded by examining content (designated subject) and form (English).  The report may be returned to the student for further work if deemed unacceptable.  Once a report is accepted, it will be graded and awarded credits in each subject area that applies toward graduation. 


Students will have additional opportunities to earn credits based on assignments that are approved by the Principal.  These assignments must be approved by the students’ individual case manager. 

Essex Campus Academy

369 Passaic Avenue

Fairfield, NJ 07004

973-575-0469 (P)

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