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Professional Development Institute

A visionary company is like a great work of art – all pieces working together to create an overall effect that leads to enduring greatness.”  (“Built to Last” by Collins and Porras)

Professional Development is an important piece of the puzzle that creates a picture of a successful and sustainable organization. With the expansion of the ERESC, we are now ready to extend an invitation to our partners and new friends to visit our Professional Development Institute and enjoy our conference center for workshops and classes.


Professional development is a priority for the ERESC community. We are now ready to share exciting workshops and classes with our partners. The ERESC professional development goal is to increase the proficiencies of each participant to their highest potential.  As we increase our capabilities, we are better able to serve our constituents and their students. Therefore, we hire presenters who are highly qualified in their areas of expertise and experienced in delivering presentations to educators and community partners.

The ERESC has established new partnerships with several colleges. The ERESC Professional Development Institute is prepared to provide on-site college classes that lead to degrees and certifications. 

The ERESC can be counted on to provide exciting, current and relevant professional development services in a comfortable and convenient location. 

Be sure to watch for our announcements at


Another Opportunity!   Rental Space Is Available at the ERESC!

Do you need a space to hold meetings or conferences?


Our new and spacious location at 333 Fairfield Road, Fairfield, New Jersey, is ready for rental opportunities.

The ERESC Professional Development Institute space can be rented to hold your meetings or conferences. 


Conveniently located by major highways

Rte. 46, Rte 80, Rte. 280, Rte 23, 

not far from Rte. 287 and the GSP

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