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Essex Junior Academy (K-8)

Where we all move uphill together
369 Passaic Avenue, Fairfield, NJ 07004

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About Us

About Essex Junior Academy
Essex Junior Academy, established in 1986, is a countywide Special and Alternative Education Program designed to serve students seeking an alternative to the traditional educational method.
Essex Junior Academy helps students who may be in danger of not graduating with their class due to chronic discipline problems, adjudication, self-abusive or drug involved behaviors.
Essex Junior Academy has three primary and simple objectives:
1. Motivate
2. Educate
3. Graduate
Our Mission
The Mission of Essex Junior Academy is to provide a safe & appropriate learning environment that encourages students to take risks. They identify and improve upon their academic goals and develop strong character values.
Students at Essex Junior Academy take responsibility for their personal growth while developing the positive principles of: respect, individuality, tolerance, resourcefulness, self-reliance, personal responsibility and accountability in order to become productive members of an ever-changing society.
What makes us different


Academic Overview
Essex Junior Academy uses the most current and unique instructional strategies and educational best practices in the field of education. Students earn credits toward graduation by documenting skills demonstrated and proficiencies mastered. Staff uses a “Blended Instructional Model” that uses Project Based Learning, Differentiated Instruction, Portfolio Assessments and computer-based instruction to determine grades.
What we Offer
Essex Junior Academy offers students the opportunity to become responsible for their own education while addressing the behavioral, social and emotional needs of students by maintaining a low student to staff ratio. A flexible scheduling format is developed to maintain a structured learning environment that maximizes student growth and development.

Program Elements

Courses Offered

(All subjects are aligned with PARCC academic benchmarks)

Essex Junior Academy offers Single School Culture with rigorous quality control measures and accountability systems in place to ensure all students become: Independent Thinkers, Problem Solvers, Responsible Citizens, Effective Communicators and Life-Long Learners.


Essex Junior Academy offers a Rigorous Academic instruction built through blended instruction and specific learning outcomes, data-driven results and educational best practices that will complement the school district’s core curriculum.


Essex Junior Academy offers a systematic school-wide behavior management system that promotes pro-social and on-task behavior while developing effective leadership skills and coping strategies. Student are awarded various incentives weekly and monthly based on their individual needs and goals.

Parent & Family Resources

Essex Junior Academy is committed to fostering positive, and cooperative relationships with our partners. We believe in the golden triangle comprised of families, students and staff, a team which will aid in the success of our students.
Intertwined into our educational program, are the social, emotional, and instructional elements that allow us to cater to the holistic needs of our students.
This creed of commitment along with the support of our families, is the heartbeat of Essex Junior Academy.
School Uniform Policy​

Uniforms are a mandatory policy at Essex Junior Academy. We believe that uniforms improve school climate, eliminate competition and bullying associated with attire. As a result of unified apparel, students are able to focus on their academics. Students are expected to have their uniform on daily without excuse.

Uniform Violation
Parents/Guardians of students with uniform infractions will be contacted immediately and informed of the uniform violation. Students may receive consequences, if they are repeated out of uniform. Possibly leading to deduction of 50 points from the daily points system, exclusion from midday activities, as well as, exclusion from school and class trips.
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Essex Junior Academy Staff

At Essex Junior Academy’s alternative schools, a dedicated team prioritizes student success and well-being, fostering an inclusive and nurturing environment for at-risk students to thrive.

David Pinkney
Essex Junior Academy
Lawrence Evans
Assistant Principal
Essex Junior Academy
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