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A Message from the Superintendent:

Welcome to the Essex Regional Educational Services Commission (ERESC), where we are committed to student success and providing a variety of service initiatives. Through the combined efforts of our academic and related service programs, we are proud of the positive impact we have made for over 38 years.

The mission of the Essex Regional Education Services Commission is to build meaningful partnerships with school districts to provide quality educational and administrative services in a cost effective and efficient manner to meet the needs of its students. We believe in the worth and dignity  of each student and endeavor to help them grow to their fullest potential.  We strive to enhance students’ learning by providing them with strategies and skills in an atmosphere that fosters creativity and positivism, which will enable them to become independent thinkers and learners.

The ERESC Strategic Plan for 2017-2022 includes several priorities that serve as the foundation to each ERESC program. The expectation is that each priority will be achieved with excellence.

 • Strong Academic Programs and Supports to Students

 • Strong Human Capital

 • Efficient Operations and Infrastructure

 • Branding and Communication

Our board is comprised of 10 member districts, however, we partner with many communities across the State of New Jersey. Our wide range of services to students, families and communities stretches beyond the northern region and includes academic acceleration, transportation, paraprofessional services, home instruction and many additional services to public, nonpublic and charter schools.

The ERESC also operates several quality schools and programs that provide safe and appropriate learning environments for students with special needs or who may require alternative education. The ERESC makes each student the center of attention as our team endeavors to help them become productive and successful citizens.

The ERESC is expanding with new and exciting initiatives and partnerships! As an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE), we are governed by the employment goals promulgated by federal and state regulations. Please be sure to check our AppliTrak system for current employment opportunities. We are always looking for excellence and would be happy to consider your talents.


Laurie W. Newell, Ph.D., Superintendent

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