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Office of the Executive Director and Legal

The Office of the Executive Director and Legal

Mr. Anthony Vauss
Executive Director for Business & Legal
(973) 405-6262 x283
The Office of the Executive Director and Legal is a pivotal role within the Essex Regional Educational Services Commission. Working closely with the Superintendent of Schools and the Board President, the Executive Director is responsible for promoting the Commission and ensuring that the ERESC operations are aligned with its mission. Some key roles are; assisting the management of financial functions, implementing programs that generate additional revenue, as well as assisting with agendas for board meetings, retreats, and other activities.
The Office of the Executive Director also includes legal responsibilities. The office houses an in-house attorney and several professionals with diverse backgrounds and ensuring comprehensive legal support for the Commission. The Executive Director, in collaboration with the legal team, handles legal matters pertaining to the Commission by providing guidance and advice on legal matters to the Commission, Board and Staff.
Dealing with clients is another crucial aspect of the Executive Director’s role. The office maintains strong relationships with partnering school districts, working closely with them to address their needs and support their student population. The Executive Director acts as a liaison, representing the Commission in negotiations and collaborations with external stakeholders, such as other educational institutions, government agencies, and community organizations.
Implementing new programs, such as mental health awareness programs, is an integral part of this office’s responsibilities.
They oversee the development and implementation of initiatives aimed at promoting student well-being and addressing their mental health needs. This includes collaborating with relevant stakeholders, such as counselors, psychologists, and community resources, to ensure comprehensive support for students and Teachers. Furthermore, the Office of the Executive Director is responsible for managing collections for outstanding debt owed to the Commission. Working in conjunction with the legal team and financial department, they develop strategies and processes to recover outstanding funds, ensuring the financial stability of the Commission.
Overall, the Office of the Executive Director, both in its administrative and legal capacities, plays a vital role in supporting the Commission’s mission, collaborating with various stakeholders, implementing innovative programs, and ensuring legal compliance and financial sustainability.

Office of the Executive Director and Legal Staff

(973) 405-6262

Dial by Extention Below

Nicole Simpson

Executive Assistant x284

Shauna Thompson

Secretary x280

Kimberly Pierre

Administrative Secretary/Health, and Wellness coordinator x268

Samantha Mendenhall

Legal Counsel x284

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