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The Essex Regional Educational Services Commission (ERESC) provides comprehensive paraprofessional services to school districts throughout Essex County and beyond. ERESC paraprofessionals are considered to be important providers of support services in all schools. The role of the ERESC paraprofessional is to assist teachers with class support and/or with the daily care of students with physical disabilities, as well as emotional, cognitive, autistic and other special needs. Paraprofessionals are employed to improve and maintain an educational environment conducive to learning. ERESC paraprofessionals provide services to the school district under the direction of the ERESC administration in partnership with the school district personnel. Paraprofessionals take direction from the classroom teacher and building principal to which they are assigned and are supervised by the ERESC administration.

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  • We are Cost Effective!

  • We have six years of Experience providing Paraprofessional Services to large & small school Districts.

  • We handle the Interviewing & Clearance Process.

  • We conduct on-site Evaluations, Visitations & Conferences.

  • We value Communication with our Partners.

  • We provide Professional Development Training.

  • We provide Substitute Paraprofessional Services.

Special Education Classes

(Pre-K - 12th Grades)

Austistic Classes

(ABA Trained)

1-to-1 Support

Medical/Physical Assistance

CPR/CPI Certified


General Education

(Pre-K - Kindergarten)

  • One-to-one small group instruction as outlined by the teacher and/or IEP

  • Reinforcing behavior through the use of positive behavior support

  • Guiding and assisting students in small group instruction settings with class routines and in transitioning from one activity to the next

  • Teaching students, under direction of the teacher in the following areas: recreation, motor, vocational, socialization and communication utilizing the workshop model in Literacy and Mathematics

  • Assisting students with ambulation within school premises and on class trips

  • Lifting, feeding, toileting and diapering after receiving appropriate training

  • Collecting data documenting student behavior for instructional purposes

Paraprofessional Services Details

Paraprofessional Program Staff

Valerie Curtis
Paraprofessional Specialist

Anila Zuta

Paraprofessional Specialist 

Tracy Stewart
Coordinator of Programs

Chris Lee

Billing Specialist


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