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Parent & Family Resources

HIB Specialist

Ms. Patricia Cuttino
369 Passaic Avenue

Fairfield, NJ 07004

Parents are encouraged to participate in their teen’s education. Essex Campus Academy invites parental engagement and informs parents of student progress and school events throughout the year.

The administration, teachers and support service staff work together with parents to understand the needs of each student. Communication with parents is key and frequent on all levels with on-site meetings and phone discussions. The ECA administration and staff are available and eager to work with parents and community supports to provide a path to achievement and ultimately, graduation for each student.

Counselors, social workers, classroom teachers and attendance officers all work to track student progress in multiple areas. Parents can access grades, attendance, homework assignments and e-mail messages from administration and teachers via a new computerized system known as Genesis.

The 2018-2019 school year will also begin to offer parent workshops with strategies and education important to student achievement. Workshops will be held at school sites. Education in this manner is powerful and will serve to have a strong impact on student performance. Parental participation shows care and interest in the wellbeing of their teenager. When students recognize the team effort, behaviors can change for the better.


Ms. Lori Rose, Secretary at ECA is a rapid responder to parent concerns and refers parents to staff members who will be most helpful in resolving issues quickly. Communication and teamwork with parents and case managers remains essential to a successful school experience for each student. Essex Campus Academy respects and values parental participation.

Essex Campus Academy

369 Passaic Avenue


Fairfield, NJ 07004

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