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Essex Junior Academy

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Where we all move uphill together


Essex Junior Academy is committed to fostering positive, and cooperative relationships with our partners. We believe in the golden triangle comprised of families, students and staff, a team which will aid in the success of our students.

Intertwined into our educational program, are the social, emotional, and instructional elements that allow us to cater to the holistic needs of our students. 


This creed of commitment along with the support of our families, is the heartbeat of Essex Junior Academy.


HIB Specialist

Jolene Arseneault
973-405-6262, Ext. 202
369 Passaic Avenue

Fairfield, New Jersey 07004

"Essex Junior Academy's main goal is to graduate responsible, and productive citizens with strong critical thinking skills and academic partnerships with the community, families, and a competent, qualified staff in a safe and caring environment." 


"We strive to promote excellence through "back-to-basics" activities that allow spontaneity, creativity, and innovation. We are committed to the highest level of achievement: academic, social, and personal."

School Uniform Policy

Uniforms are a mandatory policy at EJA. We believe that uniforms improve school climate, eliminate competition and bullying associated with attire. As a result of unified apparel, students are able to focus on their academics. Students are expected to have their uniform on daily without excuse.


Uniform Violation

Parents/Guardians of students with uniform infractions will be contacted immediately and informed of the uniform violation. Students may receive consequences, if they are repeated out of uniform. Possibly leading to deduction of 50 points from the daily points system, exclusion from midday activities, as well as, exclusion from school and class trips.

ERESC Bag Give-Away
Our young student-learners were so grateful for  the donations  from  the Special Progam
& Grants Division of the ERESC!

Essex Junior Academy

369 Passaic Avenue, Fairfield, New Jersey 07004

973-239-0125(P)          973-239-2097(F)

"A Commitment to Excellence in Education and Community Values"

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