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Shared Time Programs

The Hohokus/ERESC school partnership creates an opportunity to provide non-college learners with shared time programming at our Essex Campus Academy. Participating students will receive daily occupational training as part of their sophomore, junior and senior years of high school.
In addition, Hohokus @ ERESC Shared Time Programs are open to students currently enrolled in “home districts” and/or charter schools.

Essex Campus Academy

(Grades 9-12)

The program is Monday – Friday 11-30 to 2:00

Transportation for the Shared Time Program is the responsibility of the home school or district.

E.R.E.S.C. Schools

The ERESC operates three alternative educational school programs for students who are in need of interim alternative educational placements for a period of 45 days or are considered at risk, special needs or regular education students in need of placements for a greater duration. Each program offers an impressive 6:1 student to staff ratio, strong counseling programs, motivating curricula, transition support for career or college readiness, and the common goal of academic achievement leading to high school graduation.

“At ERESC, we are in pursuit of excellence. Our  priority is to  provide  our students with the educational  experiences they so richly deserve. To that end, we will always strive to provide the high quality administrative and educational services to our partner districts.”

Dr. Latee Walton-McCleod

Superintendent of Schools

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