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Occupational Therapy

ERESC Occupational Therapists identify a child’s strengths & weaknesses & assess the components of the environment as they affect social, emotional, cognitive & physical readiness of students to benefit from educational programming, thus enhancing at their ability to perform to their greatest potential in the school setting. ERESC therapists seek to develop maximum skills & adaptability through goal-directed activities.

ERESC Physical Therapists are concerned with developing strength, endurance & coordination to enhance each child’s ability to move in his/her environment. The services focus on the use of therapeutic exercise & other treatments to improve fundamental body movements. Our therapists work closely with other professionals (Occupational Therapist, Adaptive Physical Ed Teacher, Psychologist, Speech & Language Correctionist) to provide the most comprehensive program possible for each child.

Physical Therapy


1. ERESC therapists dispense services as to enable students to benefit from their educational program and to facilitate access to the general curriculum.


2. ERESC therapists provide services that integrate student’s daily educational routine.


3. ERESC therapists deliver services through a team approach.


4. ERESC therapists are cognizant that a student’s need for OT and/or PT services may vary over time.


5. ERESC therapists are trained professionals with knowledge and skills in assistive technology (AT).


6.  ERESC Therapists offer consultation to school districts to determine appropriateness of programs.

The Essex Regional Educational Services Commission (ERESC) has been providing school-based related and support services to school districts in Northern New Jersey for more than 35 years.  Our services include:


Our professionals are thoroughly screened to ensure that we have the best match for your district.  Our professional staff are properly certified by the New Jersey Department of Education and New Jersey Department of Community Affairs. 

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Physical Therapy

  • Speech Therapy

  • ABA Aides

Screening & Assessments

  • To administer appropriate assessment instruments that determine a student needs and develop appropriate treatment plans

  • To measure student’s progress and assess the variation of student need for services 

Treatment Services

  • Provide individual & small group therapy sessions

  • Provide training & activities to foster independence in daily living skills.

  • Provide training for the development of sensory-motor skills.

  • Provide training for student cognitive development.

  • Develop appropriate programs in the psychological areas that address skills in self-management, dyadic interaction & group interaction.

  • Help re-design and/or restructure the student’s physical environment to assist in self-care, work & leisure activities.

Consultation Services

  • To provide follow-up consultation to educational staff, parents and/or alternative living providers as deemed necessary by the district 

  • To evaluate a student’s program & to provide follow-up remediation as requested by the teacher as determined by the student’s needs.

  • To provide in-service training for staff during the period arranged in order to develop & enhance classroom programs.

  • Consulting with & referring to other specialists. That may include, but not be limited to psychiatrists, orthopedists, primary care physicians, therapists, orthotist, prosthetist & optometrists.



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