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Sojourn High School

Essex County Juvenile Detention Center
80 Duryea Street. Newark, NJ 07103
Education is Liberation
Sojourn High School is a public school in Newark, New Jersey that is part of Essex County Office of Education. It serves 160 students in 7 – 12

About Us

About Sojourn High School
Sojourn High School is an alternative school serving pre-adjudicated middle and high school aged youth, who have had encounters with the Juvenile Justice System. Sojourn provides regular and special needs services for these students who exhibit chronic discipline problems and are in danger of not graduating.
Our Mission

Established in 1997, Sojourn High School’s mission is to address the educational, behavioral, social and emotional needs of all students. Every student will be provided opportunities to acquire skills essential for success in college and workplace readiness in the 21st century.


Academic Overview
Sojourn offers a blend of thematic teaching, adaptable scheduling, and interactive tasks, fostering skills for 21st-century college and career success. The curriculum covers core subjects aligned with Common Core, alongside Spanish, Art, Career Ed, Technology, GED, and higher-ed courses via partnerships with Essex County Community College and University of Phoenix. SMARTboards, computers, iPads, and Chromebooks enrich each classroom.
Sojourn High School offers a host of extracurricular activities including Modern and Litergical dance, Public Speaking, Poetry Jam sessions, Mock Trial experiences, and Spring Junior-Senior Prom.
Special Services
As aligned with its mission, Sojourn High School students receive substance awareness counseling–individual and group–using a therapeutic approach.
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Sojourn High School Staff

At ERESC’s alternative schools, a dedicated team prioritizes student success and well-being, fostering an inclusive and nurturing environment for at-risk students to thrive.
Dr. Shannon Crowell-Edghill
Sojourn High School
Takesha Massey
Assistant Principal
Sojourn High School
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