Welcome to the ERESC's Department of Special Programs and Grants!

The ERESC Department of Special Programs and Grants provides a number of services to public and charter schools throughout Northern New Jersey.  The department administers program in twelve (12) of the twenty-one counties in New Jersey, from Monmouth to Sussex County.  The department offers services to all specialized population, including homeless, migrant, immigrant, autistic, alternative education and special education.  Among the programs offered by the department are: 


  • The Migrant Education Program

  • The McKinney Vento Homeless Education Program

  • The Extended Day / Extended Year Program

  • Related Services (Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy)

  • ABA Home Programs

  • Functional Behavior Assessment Evaluation

  • Adult Education Test for State Issued High School Diploma (formerly GED)

  • Special Education Evaluation (Psychological, Social, Occupational & Physical)

  • Program Evaluation for Public Schools

  • Special Education Consultation

  • Professional Development

  • Credit Recovery Program (summer school, online and in class)




973-405-6668 (f)

Dr. Joram Rejouis

Assistant Superintendent