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Welcome to the ERESC's Department of Special Programs and Grants!

The ERESC Department of Special Programs and Grants provides a number of services to public and charter schools throughout Northern New Jersey. The department administers program in twelve (12) of the twenty-one counties in New Jersey. The department offers services to all specialized population, including homeless, migrant, immigrant, autistic, alternative education and special education. Among the programs offered by the department are:

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(973) 405-6262 x246

Special Programs Staff

(973) 405-6262

Dial by Extention Below

Rodrique Iseral


Atiya Trent

Data Specialist

Candice Gainer

Outreach Worker

Crisaliz Soto

Outreach Worker

Information for Homeless Families & Displaced Students

Information for Homeless and Displaced Students

To Locate Your Homeless Liaison, Contact Us:

Atiya Trent


Phone: (973) 405-6262 ext: 255

We can assist you with some resources and information if you are currently experiencing homelessness.
If you or your student is currently living:

State Coordinator Information and NJ Homeless Hotline
Phoebie Thomas: (609) 376 9080

If you live in NJ and you are experiencing homelessness, dial 211 or 877-746-5211 (If you are using a rotary dial phone, please dial 1-877-746-5211.)

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