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Adult Education Program

Adult Education Test for State-Issued High School Diploma (GED)

You Need a High School Diploma

A High School Diploma Will Open Doors and May Guarantee You the Following

What is the Adult Education Test for a State-Issued High School Diploma?

The Adult Education Test is a New Jersey state approved test for people without a high school diploma but wish to have one. The test is offered at various locations throughout the state, ERESC being one of them.

How To Register for The Test

To Register for The Test, You Must Have TWO (2) Of the Following.

Note: Other documents may be considered; contact us for more information.

Test Qualifications

You May Qualify to Take The Test If You:

*Note: if less than 18 years of age, consent form with the signature of parent or legal guardian is required.
The Essex Regional Educational Services Commission also offers on site testing for qualified test preparatory centers in the State of New Jersey.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Requirements for Home Instruction Services Are:

*All tests are offered in paper & electronic (online) version. *ERESC currently offers the paper version of HiSET and TASC

How Is the Test Structured? 

When Are Tests Offered? 

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