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Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) For Nonpublic Students

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ESSA is a federally funded program where district contracts and consultations direct our ESSA services to students in nonpublic schools. The goal of the program has always been to provide instruction in math and literacy that results in academic achievement in small group, pull-out sessions or afterschool programs.  

ERESC has been a preferred provider with a proven track record of student growth resulting from instructional excellence.  The renewal of contracts to provide ESSA/Title I services is evidence of the outstanding service provided by our ERESC supervisor and certified teachers. District personnel work with our ERESC Title I/ESSA Supervisor to examine the allocations, criteria for eligibility of services and number of students at each school. Our certified supervisor conducts data collection for reports that are required by federal law and provides them to each district in a timely manner.  ERESC services save schools and districts money by gathering, analyzing and writing reports.   

Data driven instruction, research based methods and an alignment to the NJSLS have all contributed to an endurance of service contracts with many school districts. Our program is designed to motivate students to achieve the critical skills they need to accomplish on grade level or beyond performance. Frequent individualized one on one attention is frequently delivered by instructors to students resulting in rapid academic progress.   

Certified supervisors share mandates, updates, instructional strategies and innovative technology systems with teachers.  Professional development as mandated by the NJDOE is tracked. It is expected that ERESC teachers participate in workshop hours that will exceed the yearly expectation. To maintain excellence, certified teachers are evaluated using the Stronge Teacher Evaluation System. Instructional excellence is maintained through conversations and trainings on new techniques, strategies and programs that will impact learning.  

ESSA/Title I considers the needs of the total child.  Once academic strides become a reality, the student enjoys greater self-esteem and then there is no telling how far the student will excel.    


For more information, please contact: 

Ms. Jo Ann Karamus, Director 

(973) 405-6262, x 289

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