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The ERESC’s Coordinated Transportation Service serves as a partner to school districts who require support with coordinating student transportation services. ERESC partners with approximately two hundred Transportation Providers to offer safe, professional, cost effective services to students who attend educational programs in and out of their districts.  ERESC works closely with Transportation Providers to ensure student safety, that all vehicles are properly equipped/insured/and compliant with New Jersey State regulations, that all Drivers and Aides carry proper required credentials, and that there is effective communication amongst all involved parties.  The ERESC requires all Transportation Providers to be covered under a $3 Million liability insurance policy.




Our transportation team works with Transportation Providers to track Driver and Bus Aide’s credentials.  ERESC requires all Transportation Providers to continuously update their Annual Certification of School Bus Driver and Aides packet (State requirement), to ensure that all bus staff members are in compliance with mandated State required licenses, trainings, and certifications.  We also provide a yearly on-site training to our transportation partners, to discuss safety and effective transportation protocols/procedures.  We also provide key speakers to discuss important relevant topics such as “Bullying on the Bus” and “Managing Students with Autism on the bus” as a service to our Transportation Providers.   


​Link for Important Forms:

Request for Coordinated Transportation _ Application

Request for Coordinated Transportation _ Spreadsheet

Coordinated Transportation Cancellation Form

Bus Drill / Evacuation Form

For Vendors:

Dry Run” Report

ERESC Contact List

Invoice Template

Student Attendance Sheets​

Penalties Sheet - SY 2018-2019

Ivelisse Veras

Director of Transportation


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