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Affirmative Action

What is Affirmative Action?

Affirmative Action is a State obligation requiring School Districts to appoint an Affirmative Action Officer, to coordinate and implement District efforts, to comply with State affirmative regulations and to promote a working and learning environment, free of discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender, religion, disability, or socioeconomic status.

State and federal laws protect individuals against discrimination based on race, creed, religion, color, national origin/nationality, ancestry, age, sex/gender (including pregnancy), marital status/civil union /domestic partnership status, familial status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, atypical hereditary cellular or blood trait, genetic information, disability (actual, perceived, or regarded as ) or liability for service in the U.S. Armed Forces /military status.

State law also requires that the Affirmative Action Officer serve as the District's Title IX Coordinator. Title IX is a federal law prohibiting discrimination in schools based upon sex. Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination.

The State's intent is to ensure that all students receive equal access to educational programs and services, and to ensure equality in employment and contract practices.

The Affirmative Action Laws protect you and your children from sexual harassment, and other forms of harassment covered by the law.


In keeping with federal/state anti-discrimination legislation, the Essex Regional Educational Services Commission Board of Education has adopted and hereby publishes the Grievance Procedure provided for the resolution of student, employee, and parent complaints.



To provide students, employees, and parents a procedure by which they can seek a remedy for alleged violations related to discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, affectional or sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, gender expression, ancestry, national origin, disability, or socioeconomic status.


Grievance - A formal written complaint.

Grievant - Any student, employee, or parent aggrieved by a decision or condition falling under the guidelines of federal and/or state anti-discrimination laws.

Affirmative Action Officer - The district employee designated to coordinate efforts with anti-discrimination legislation and charged with the responsibility of investigating complaints

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