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Home Instruction Program

ERESC Home Instruction Program

Tracy Stewart
Program Manager
973-405-6262 x229

The Home Instruction program has provided quality services to students and school districts throughout the State of New Jersey for over 38 years.

The program provides one-to-one individualized home or bedside instruction services in lieu of the regular classroom instruction to general education and/or classified students who are enrolled full time in school. Certified teachers are assigned to students based on their academic needs. In accordance with N.J.A.C. 6:16-10.1, instructional services take place in the home or place of confinement with a parent/guardian always present.

The Program Manager works closely with district personnel to ensure that students in the public, charter, or nonpublic schools are receiving instruction in an effective and efficient manner.

The ERESC makes every effort to exceed the student’s educational needs for re-entry into the school environment.

Forms & Contacts


Qurashima Robinson

Home Instruction Specialist x257

Iris Butler

Quality Control Assistant x222

Janesa Henry

Billing Specialist x251


Our elementary and secondary teachers only qualify to deliver instructional services when they have:


The requirements for Home Instruction services are:

Public or Charter Schools

Classified Students

General Education Student

Nonpublic Schools

Classified Students

General Education Student

Process for Public and Charter Schools

A Home/Bedside Instruction Form is completed by the school district and forwarded to the ERESC Program Manager with the district’s referral form, a parental letter of request and a physician’s letter is attached, if illness or injury are the cause for the services.

Services begin 5 days after the receipt of the appropriate documentation. An instructional plan, final grades or promotion are determined according to the state and school standards with the input of the school counselor. The student receives an appropriate program based on that data and information stated in their IEP, if applicable.

The ERESC Program Manager also communicates with the school guidance counselor for details regarding instructional needs. Student textbooks and materials are provided by the respective school. Completed assignments are forwarded by the parent to the school counselor. If confinement is more than 60 days at home or in a hospital, the student is referred to the district school’s Child Study Team.

Process for Nonpublic Schools (Chapter 192/193)

A New Jersey State Department Nonpublic School Pupil Application (Original 407-1) must be completed indicating a check mark next to Home/Bedside Instruction and signed by a parent or guardian. A medical statement from a licensed physician indicating diagnosis, absenteeism, timeframe and recommendation for the instruction, must be attached. The original 407-1 form and attachments MUST be submitted IMMEDIATELY to the ERESC Home Instruction Office.

To qualify, a student must be absent for 10 consecutive days or 20 cumulative school days due to illness or injury. If confinement at home or in a hospital is more than 60 days, the student must be referred to the school’s Child Study Team. If the Child Study Team does not specify the need for continued home instruction, a physician’s letter must document the continued need. If a student is already classified, a Service Plan must accompany the original 407-1 form upon submission.

In all assignments, parents receive written confirmation and communication regarding the teacher’s assignment, days, and time for instruction. As a team, the school counselor, district personnel, ERESC teacher, and ERESC Program Manager all work to ensure quality services and consistent communication.

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