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IDEA Program

IDEA-B Services In Nonpublic Schools

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) provides Federal Funds for students with special needs. Districts receive federal funds each year whereby, a proportionate share of the IDEA Grant is allocated for the classified students in nonpublic schools.

Many districts contract with the Essex Regional Educational Services Commission to provide services under IDEA-B. The Reauthorization of IDEA 2004 stipulates that the Host District, i.e., the district in which the nonpublic school is located, is responsible for the services as opposed to the resident district. Services are contingent upon the allocation of the IDEA funds each year. ERESC takes directive from the district with whom we contract.

IDEA-B federal funds provide services to classified students that extend above and beyond Chapter 193. IDEA-B funds are utilized based on the needs of the student and not on the individual entitlement. Once student needs are determined, service plans are then updated to include those services for which the student is entitled.

Services are to support the special needs population. Academic support is provided by an Instructional Aide to students having an Individual Service Plan (ISP). Additional educational supports include:

*All supports are as needed and must be approved by the school district.

The ERESC certified supervisor conducts trainings on processes, procedures and recommended professional development classes to instructional aides. In support of that effort, the ERESC utilizes the Global Compliance Network (GCN), an on-line professional development training system that offers over 145 tutorials on behavioral strategies, instructional techniques, etc. for all staff. Instructional aides are observed and receive a performance evaluation by a certified supervisor each school year and is always available to provide support and guidance.

The ERESC supervisor is responsible for creating an IDEA-B budget based on district allocations. The budget is monitored carefully throughout the school year to deduct salaries and the purchase of supply items. Supplies are ordered using an ERESC purchase order, delivered to the respective school and labeled using the district name. The supervisor documents all expenditures, tracts deliveries and resolves any problems.

All of these actions are supported by a consultation between the ERESC IDEA-B Supervisor and the District IDEA-B Supervisor which occurs before services begin. The agreed-upon services are then implemented for the school year.

For further Information, please contact:

Ms. Zoe Luke

Supervisor of Instruction & Related Services

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