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NonPublic Nursing Services

Karen Husser

Supervisor of Nursing Services
973-405-6262 x214


The ERESC provides nursing services to eligible Nonpublic Schools through a contract with their local school district. Funding is provided through the Nonpublic Nursing Services Aid Notice. Registered nurses are hired by the ERESC to provide services in the nonpublic schools such as hearing screenings, review of student health records, scoliosis examinations, and daily management of the school health office. At this time, the ERESC provides nursing services to 47 nonpublic schools. In addition, the ERESC processes orders for nursing supplies for the nonpublic schools and manages all aspects of the ordering and payment processes. The ERESC monitors the budgets for each nonpublic schools nursing funding and provides this information to the local school district as requested.
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