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NonPublic Security & Technology Programs

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Carmen Ventola

Technology Coordinator
(973) 405-6262, x 225


The New Jersey Nonpublic Technology Initiative Program allocates Nonpublic Technology Aid for pupils in nonpublic schools. The allocation is determined by the October enrollment count from the previous school year. Therefore, allocations fluctuate from year to year since they are based on per pupil totals. Funding is always in compliance with current NJDOE mandates and laws.

The ERESC contracts with several districts to provide technology services to nonpublic schools within that district. Upon return of the signed contract, the ERESC coordinator consults with each building principal to review the funding allocations and options for the purchase of technology. A list of allowable and non-allowable expenditures is provided on the NJDOE website and is used as a guide. Professional development training for staff to learn how to operate the technology and/or improve personal skills, is also an allowable cost. The ERESC Technology Coordinator works to meet the expressed technology needs at each school. The goal is for technology items and training to start early in the school year so that academic results are achieved.

After receiving several quotes from vendors, the supervisor will begin the ordering and delivery procedures. All hardware, software and equipment is the property of the public school district and is labeled clearly, as such. The ERESC coordinator works with each school administration to make sure that supplies are checked in with accuracy against each purchase order, labeled properly and documented for inventory. Copies of orders are kept on file with the ERESC Technology Coordinator who works with vendors to check on backorders, cost variances or to solve problems. This saves each school administration a significant amount of time and energy.

The ERESC Technology Coordinator has established a professional rapport with school district personnel, nonpublic school administrators and many vendors over the years and therefore, is able to garner efficient results with customer satisfaction.

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