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Public & Charter Schools Services

Child Study Team Services

The ERESC has supported school districts and Charter Schools in numerous counties by providing highly qualified school psychologists, LDTC’s and Social Workers, as needed. The ERESC personal are available to observe students, test students, interview parents and students and provide a written report for the district CST members.

Nursing Services

Certified school nurses are placed in school districts and charter schools to provide nursing services.

Speech Services

The ERESC provides appropriately certified speech-language specialists to service eligible students in both public and charter schools.

Child Study Team Services Overview

The Essex Regional Educational Services Commission is prepared to provide Child Study Team services for school districts with state certified personnel including school psychologists, learning consultant and social workers who are independent consultants working for the ERESC to complete evaluations. Consultants are required to demonstrate proof of their independent contractor status and purchase their personal liability insurance.

Evaluations are completed in the following manner after parental/guardian consent has been received. The Child Study Team personnel proceed to do the following:

Specific personnel are assigned to maximize efficiency and maintain timelines. In order to expedite the completion of evaluations, the ERESC staff develop a close working relationship and rapport through frequent communication with school administration and teachers. Communication is crucial to the implementation of services. The ERESC responds promptly to district needs and concerns and enjoys a personalized relationship with each school district. As a result of these relationships, the ERESC has maintained contracts for services.
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