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Wrap-Around Program

Wrap-Around Program

The Wrap-Around Program provides a viable, positive after-school alternative to students who otherwise would engage in unsupervised or non-structured activities at home or on the streets. The purpose of the Wrap Around Program is to meet the child’s emotional, social, educational/vocational needs. It is administered by the Essex Regional Educational Services Commission. The Wrap Around Program is designed to meet self-care skills needed by children at the early development stages of their lives. The children attend the Wrap Around Program from 4:00pm – 6:00pm Monday – Friday between September and June.

Our goal is to create a humane, individualized and highly structured program of support and learning which helps youth succeed academically

Special Programs Staff

(973) 405-6262

Dial by Extention Below

Mr. Rodrigue Israel

Program Coordinator x230

Ms. Atiya Trent

McKinney Vento Liaison x255

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Description of Services

Academic Services

Individual & group tutoring is provided to address the reading, writing, & mathematical academic areas.

Career Education

Services are provided to prepare youth with key occupational competencies in the development of sound work habits & attitudes.

Counseling Services

Individual & group counseling are provided by furnishing non-threatening formal & informal situations to address such areas as problem solving, peer pressure, goal setting, self-confidence building, stress management techniques.

Substance Awareness Services

Drug & alcohol prevention & intervention services are provided to reinforce the skills necessary for individuals to live healthy lives & avoid chemical substances.


Activities are designed to strengthen skills & sharpen aesthetic awareness in a variety of art media.

Recreational Services

Socio-educational field trips & leisure time activities are made available to address interpersonal skills & pro-socialization factors.


Incentives are used as an integral part of the program management strategy.

Speakers Forum

A series of in-service presentations consisting of positive role models from business, industry, & community social services are made available to address social, employment & academic concerns.

Service Learning

Students learn to develop through active participation in thoughtfully organized service experiences that meet actual community needs.

Target Population

The population of students served by the Wrap Around Program may best be described as follows:

Program Objectives

Referral Process DCP&P

DCP&P caseworker will determine if youth is “at risk” & in need of social intervention from the Extended Day Program.

DCP&P caseworker will contact DCP&P Resource Development Specialist to inquire about referral procedure to the Extended Day Program.

The DCP&P Resource Development Specialist will provide DCP&P caseworker with Extended Day Program application & will contact Program Supervisor to inquire of possible new student admission into the program.

DCP&P caseworker will prepare referral summary for submissions to Program Supervisor for review. Child’s medical, psychological & other relevant testing must be submitted.

The Supervisor of the Extended Day Program will review referral credentials and contact DCP&P caseworker to schedule applicant interview. DCP&P caseworker & applicant’s caretaker must accompany youth at interviews & pre-placement.

If the youth agrees to accept the program guidelines & be governed by same, he/she is conditionally accepted by the Program Supervisor into the program for a 30 day trial period. At the end of thirty days, the Supervisor will assess if the youth’s continued enrollment is warranted.

Quarterly case conferences will be held every 90 days. DCP&P caseworker and caregiver will be present for input and feedback into program.

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