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Michael Steinmetz

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The Business Office’s primary function is compliance to all state and federal laws per GAAP Accounting Code and other related guidance, provided to us by the New Jersey Department of Education. The Business Office also handles a variety of support services such as accounting and reporting, budget and financial planning, cash management, collection of payments from districts, payroll management, debt service management, environmental/green and technology initiatives, facilities and construction management, food service management, purchasing and accounts payable management, fiscal grants management and risk management/insurances.
The Business Office’s goal is to be as transparent as possible to provide solution and resolutions to support the entire Commission. We pride ourselves on working with all the departments and determining how best to resolve any concerns anyone may have in a timely manner. The Business Office is a non-revenue generating department which supports all revenue generating and non-revenue generating departments. We take our role in the Commission as a key function of the overall success of the Commission, with integrity as our compass.

In addition, the NEW Essex Regional Educational Services Cooperative will provide purchasing opportunities for our constituent members to benefit from various goods and services. Our website will be updated as new bid proposals are awarded.

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